What People Say

“I was amazed at how at-ease I felt with Nurtured Spaces in our home and how naturally the conversation and ideas flowed. Colleen and Leah’s love for children and family-friendly spaces is abundantly clear and shines through in the work they do together. Nurtured Spaces envisioned the best version of our space and conveyed how to get from A to B in a way that seemed approachable and achievable.”

Katy Abby
Parent of a newborn & 5 year old

“I loved when Colleen and Leah worked with my girls to sort their books. The relationship we built and having Nurtured Spaces work in my home felt really good and special. We problem solved on things I had been going in circles about. It made everything feel not too overwhelming. I would most definitely recommend Nurtured Spaces to a friend!”

Stephanie Edman
Parent of a 5 & 7 year old


“Leah and Colleen have such a calm and fun-loving energy. They gave us many suggestions in the moment in regards to our issues, and followed up with a more in-depth report detailing suggestions and steps to implement their ideas. It was great!”


“I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with organization and design of their play and living spaces. I loved how Nurtured Spaces managed to incorporate play items into our greater living space, without making it feel like our living room is just a playroom.” 

Windsor Meyer
Parent of a 4 year old

I would absolutely recommend Nurtured Spaces. Nurtured Spaces took my ideas to the next level, while still making everything seem totally achievable. Meeting with Colleen and Leah allowed me to focus my energy on this one thing; it made me stop and really look at the rooms and imagine them the way they could be.

Parent of a newborn


We help you create balance, reduce stress, and end all that toy clutter.