Our Story

Colleen & Leah have a shared passion in creating beautiful environments for young children. They came to understand, from their many years teaching, that room design and material choice have a huge impact on a child’s early development. They believe the environment is also a teacher, where children learn to feel capable and confident.

As Colleen & Leah welcomed young children into their personal lives, they also came to understand that life can get messy with little ones in tow. They realized it’s difficult to maintain the organization and flow of a home when children are constantly growing and changing.

Colleen & Leah created Nurtured Spaces from their belief that… the magic of early childhood begins in the home. They believe ALL families are capable of creating this magic. Since the moment these two met, they had been searching for a way to share their passion of creating beautiful childhood environments while supporting families in these environments. Thus, Colleen & Leah created Nurtured Spaces to bring beautiful + functional spaces for children into the homes of growing families like yours.


Our Team

Colleen Connolly

Nurtured Spaces’
Resident Artist

Colleen brings over 10 years’ experience teaching in art and early childhood education.  Her most treasured moments with young children are experimenting with watercolors, working in clay, and snuggling into a good book.  Alongside consulting at Nurtured Spaces, Colleen manages NS project artists and contractors, collaborates with the NS design team, and keeps the day-to-day operations moving smoothly.


Leah Schoonover

Nurtured Spaces’
Less-is-More Guru

Leah brings over 10 years’ experience teaching in art and early childhood education. From an early age, Leah’s beautiful sense of design flourished as she lived amongst a family of artists and curators.  Leah loves experiencing the outdoors with young children and spending time with her family.  Alongside consulting, Leah handles Nurtured Spaces’ big picture to-do lists and upholds the NS less is more philosophy.