Play Space Design for Children & Infants in Portland

We help busy families create a playful home
– minus the clutter.

We nurture homes into functional + beautiful environments just right for young children.


mark making tools For The Eager Young Artist - Toddlers are great at actively exploring every drawing tool within their reach.  Often, after a quick grab that tool promptly pops into their mouth and is given a good chew.  It then becomes a near impossible task to keep those markers, crayons, or pens out of a young one’s mouth. Recently, a newly turned-toddler that we know and love over here at Nurtured Spaces, would instantly bite the tip off the marker...every…single...time, no matter what type of teaching, modeling, or boundary setting was made.  After having neighbors report that the… Keep Reading...
Board Books - There are so many things we love about board books here at Nurtured Spaces.  Board Books are a great way to invite even young babies into the endless joys of reading.  Beautiful books that have simple, bold images, rhythmic phrasing, and easy to follow concepts are wonderful first picks for young children.  Board books are hearty enough to withstand even the most drooliest of teethers, and have thick pages that chubby fingers can easily turn and grasp.  But, we’ve found that trying to neatly fit boardbooks on a kids bookshelf… Keep Reading...

“I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is struggling with organization and design of their play and living spaces. I loved how Nurtured Spaces managed to incorporate play items into our greater living space, without making it feel like our living room is just a playroom.”

Windsor Meyer
Parent of a 4 year old

“I would most definitely recommend Nurtured Spaces to a friend! It was really helpful during our one-on-one visit when Nurtured Spaces helped me toss non-essentials.

Stephanie Edman
Parent of a 5 & 7 year old