Rainy Day Play – Our Debut on KGW’s Portland Today

3 year old playing with animal masks, imaginary play, Portland, OR

In February Nurtured Spaces was invited by KGW’s Portland Today to help viewers with a common rainy day problem.

How do you keep kiddos active when you can’t go outside to play?!

Now, there are lots of possible ideas that we – over here at Nurtured Spaces – would love to share! First, we’ll share an idea that we have been excited about on the more recent rainy days, then check out the link below to see what Leah and Colleen shared with KGW viewers.

Imaginary (some call it: Dramatic) Play!
Have you ever given your kiddo scarves, costume clothing, masks, or funny hats?? We mean, nothing fancy is needed. Really, it’s your kiddos’ imagination, that’s the key. Imaginary play can keep your little one occupied for hours! Whether it’s an animal mask (like the home-made mask that we have in the shot to the right) or something from your very own closet.

Imaginary play is a type of play where children accept and assign roles, and then act them out. This type of play remains an integral part of the developmental learning process by allowing children to develop skills in such areas as abstract thinking and social skills. By adding books, pens, and paper, pre-literacy skills and even math skill can be incorporated and develop.  

But seriously, the most magical part is… imaginary play will help your kiddo forget that the rain is pouring outside. You can even play along.

So, let’s say you aren’t feeling so magical and your kiddo has lots of energy on a particularly rainy day. On Portland Today, we shared another awesome idea – the indoor active play kit. Take a look at our segment (link below) on how to play with, fill, and organize an active play bin. We hope you enjoy!

Indoor Play Spaces for Kids